When it comes to plant/site/field maintenance services we focus on safe work execution and quality workmanship.
Our experiential and technical expertise is utilized to deliver exceptional workmanship while ensuring a team-base site maintenance program.
With a proven and consistent track record of efficiency in maintaining and sustaining capital projects, commissioning, project and turnaround services we have the fundamental skills and experience to offer key solutions.
Our customized maintenance crews are carefully selected and sized to suit specific project needs and requirements.
With our diverse workforce we are able to blend our crews from our many areas of expertise optimizing efficiency and reducing costs to our clients.


  • Experience in executing projects in excess of $75M
  • Tower Rebuilds and Repairs
  • Logistical and On-Site Infrastructure Support
  • Equipment Fabrication, Hauling and Setting
  • ASBSA AQP certified for vessel repair, alteration, QC turnover package and piping construction & CWB Division 2
  • Engineering design and support & software generated spool drawings
  • Division 2 Exchanger repairs