Turnarounds | Shutdowns

Highly efficient

Management and Execution

At Tri-Energy we feel we have the “best in the business” when it comes to our team of employees and contractors. We have successfully established fundamental relationships with our clients over the years with our reputable ability to offer turnaround and shutdown solutions to our valued clients; leaving them rest assured, knowing all aspects of their project will be efficiently managed from start to finish.
At Tri-Energy we continually keep our clients’ best interests at the forefront offering competitive rates and the quality specialty services they deserve.
Our team has the capability of managing Turnarounds and Shutdowns from smaller facilities such as oil batteries to large scale facilities in the oil and gas petrochemical sectors.

Key turnaround and shutdown solutions

  • Planning and Scheduling – MS Projects & Primavera
  • Tower Rebuilds & Repairs
  • Exchanger Servicing
  • Hydraulic Torquing/Tensioning
  • Flange Re-Facing/Pipe Prep
  • Complete 3rd Party Management
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Cost Control System
  • Leak Mitigation System
  • 3D Scanning

From the initial stages of detailed planning to the completion of the project, our team of technical personnel will ensure the client’s best interests are looked after.

our competitive


Some areas in which we excel are as follows:

Quality field planners and scheduler

Our field planners are certified with extensive knowledge in the oil and gas industry


With the abundance of successfully executed job scopes we draw from a vast history of actual costs to ensure we are developing an honest and realistic budget for our clients

Cost Tracking

We have a customized cost tracking system in place that allows us to submit daily cost tracking for the overall project within a 24 Hr period


Our “in house” QA/QC system ensures a seamless start-up and commissioning phase through to post job completion

Problem Solvers

We have the experience to make quick reactive decisions to ensure schedule and cost are kept on track


The vast majority of our work force are returning personnel who have been employed with Tri-Energy for multiple years

Ability to adapt

With the experience we have we can take, if need be, a lead role in development of de-commissioning through execution right to the commissioning of the facility

“Best in Business”

We quickly develop and maintain a team atmosphere to ensure all personnel involved in Turnarounds feel like part of the team and we draw from a wide range of experience and ideas in which contributes to the overall success

Fast Paced Environment

Our strategic planning and scheduling systems allows us to excel in a fast paced environment. When it comes to Turnarounds we ensure the project is properly managed and completed on time and on budget.